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Pro-life Fallacies, Facts, and Core Values

These days there is a lot of confusion about what it means to be pro-life. So, here are some facts and fallacies about the fast-growing pro-life movement and the foundational beliefs that guide their activities.


People who oppose abortion often call themselves pro-life are only concerned about the fertilized egg or fetus. They are less concerned about the life of women who have unintended pregnancies or the welfare of children after they are born.



Pro-life men and women care about human life from all stages of life to natural death. They support their local non-profit medical clinics that provide evidence-based medical and educational services performed by licensed medical professionals at no cost to women. Most of these organizations also provide free maternal/infant care services, baby clothing, food, and materials with some groups providing clothing for children up to five years old and beyond, community resources, housing connections, emotional support, parenting classes, and life coaching services.


Core Value

Pro-life people believe that human life begins at conception and has unmeasurable value worthy of respect and protection.

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Pro-Life News

You can find more pro-life news on the "Pro-life Info" page.  

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