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WRTL's Monthly Cornerstone Articles

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Cornerstone Article

By Chip Small

Former Judge


Abortion has been around for thousands of years. My prayers offered on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood won’t end abortion.


Some daughters will become pregnant by their stepfather or their mom’s boyfriend, and, yes, sadly by their own biological father. They will then take them to abort the child without the child’s grandmother’s knowledge. My prayers offered on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood won’t end that.


I pray that the United States Supreme Court someday reconsiders its Roe v. Wade decisions.  But that won’t end abortions in our country.


As a judge, I marveled at the amount of misery individuals brought upon themselves by freely choosing not to follow God’s will. Whether it was doing drugs, abusing alcohol, having sex with someone they were not married to, stealing, lying, assaulting, and even killing someone.


Free choice doesn’t bring happiness.  Rather, choosing to do the right thing does.


Some view the Ten Commandments as a bunch of rules that prevent happiness. I view them as guidelines to ensure happiness, here and even after death. They help educate us about what is the right thing to do.


I am happy and joyful when I pray outside Planned Parenthood. As I watch all the people drive by, many of them honk and wave and some curse and flip me off. But all of them make me happy and joyful because their moms chose life.


Why do I pray outside Planned Parenthood? Because I hope at least one person who sees me praying decides to choose life. And who knows, that child born because their mom chose life may then grow up to help other people in ways we can only imagine.  After all, isn’t that what we should all choose to do? Help others?


Please help others do the right thing and join me in prayer, whether you are on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood or sitting where you are right now reading this.  I’ll stop praying when we all choose life.

No Judgment on the Sidewalk

By Jeannette O'Donnell

Have you changed your mind on abortion yet?  Maybe it’s something you have read, a film you have watched, or a post on social media.  You finally allowed yourself to think honestly, rather than accept abortion as the default position.  Possibly you opened your mind to the scientific evidence that human life begins at fertilization.  Perhaps you feel our culture has simply gone too far to condone late-term abortion and infanticide.  Maybe you have at last realized the truth about Big Abortion or been appalled to see pro-aborts twist themselves into knots to defend the indefensible. You now understand that in civilized society, “live and let live” cannot apply to the intentional destruction of innocent human life.

Nearly 600 abortion workers have left the industry in the last six years alone, many seeking support from the organization “And Then There Were None.”  Fewer than 1% of doctors in the United States still perform abortions.  Billions of corporate dollars support the abortion lobby, yet the pro-life position grows from the grassroots because the idea of life, of children, of hope for the future, touches all of us at our deepest level.

A post-abortive woman may be unexpectedly slammed by remorse when she sees an ultrasound for a subsequent pregnancy, attends a baby shower, gives birth, or simply walks down the diaper aisle in the supermarket.  There is mercy from our God Who knows her pain, Who was with her when she succumbed to pressure to choose death over life when fear smothered her capacity for hope.

We are now in the midst of the 40 Days for Life fall campaign, a peaceful prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood facilities worldwide.  Members from dozens of churches in the Wenatchee Valley have joined to pray for women with unplanned pregnancies, for their preborn children and for workers within the abortion industry.  Many of your neighbors on the sidewalk are post-abortive themselves and find healing by praying for an end to this traumatic scourge on the soul of our society.

The door swings only one way when it comes to “evolution of thought” about abortion -- from darkness to light.  Thousands of women regret their abortions, but I have never met a mother who points to her child and says “I wish I had had an abortion.”

If you have finally opened yourself to this life-giving change of heart, we welcome you.  We all have a story.  Share yours if you want, and we will listen and pray for your healing.  There is no judgment on the sidewalk. 

Cornerstone Article

By Beth E. Chase

Author and Business Consultant 


As an adoptee, I am perplexed when a pregnant woman who is not ready to raise a child tells me she feels that abortion is her only option, and I am stunned when women say that they would rather "kill their baby than place their child for adoption" because they fear the stigma that our society places on those who do so. reports that there are up to 36 couples waiting for every baby placed for adoption and that in the USA, there are approximately two million infertile couples waiting to adopt, often regardless of the child's medical problems such as Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, HIV infection or various terminal illnesses.

With 1.2 million abortions performed every year, there are more than enough couples who are seeking to adopt.

I was conceived when my birth mother was brutally raped and left for dead. However, this courageous woman selflessly put her plans to get married on hold, carried me to term, and placed me for adoption after I was born.

For the last 38 years, I have worked to protect and uphold the sanctity of human life values because I believe that every child has a God-ordained purpose no matter what the circumstances of their conception or birth.

Adoptees who have significantly contributed to making our world a better place include Steve Jobs (Apple executive), Faith Hill (Singer), J.R.R. Tolkien (author), Edgar Allen Poe (writer), First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Tim McGraw (singer), Nelson Mandela, Dave Thomas (Wendy's Founder), John Lennon (singer), Newt Gingrich (politician), and First Lady Nancy Reagan, just to name a few.

Because not all expecting mothers can or want to care for their child, I believe it is essential to promote adoption in our community.

These future mothers need to know that adoption is full of choices. They can place their baby in the care of the family of their choice with customized open adoption options where they can get updates from the adoptive family or even see their child at certain times in the year. Conversely, they can choose a closed adoption option with no further contact with the child. It's completely up to them.

As an adoptee, I am grateful that my birth mother gave me a chance to contribute to making the world a better place.

Cornerstone Article

By Abby Johnson

(Excerpt from, reprinted with permission)

My name is Abby Johnson. Every day, I took the same route to my house from the Planned Parenthood facility I managed. The marshals that came to provide “safety training” for us once a year recommended we change up our route home. They came to warn us about how dangerous the pro-lifers were outside our facility. Ha.

I wasn’t too worried about the pro-lifers outside my facility. I knew them. They knew me. They were always offering me help and seemed to genuinely care about me. That was annoying. It was basically impossible to hate people who were so nice to me, even though I had been taught to hate them by all of my supervisors. On September 26, 2014, I saw something that shook me to the core. I watched a 13-week old baby die by abortion. I watched him struggle for his life. I saw it right in front of my face on an ultrasound monitor. I was numb, shocked, horrified…and quite honestly, I felt so stupid. How could I have fallen for the lies of this organization?  How could I have let it happen for eight years?

On October 4, I sat in my living room, held my daughter and wondered. Did I have the guts to admit that I had been wrong for so many years? Did I have the courage to admit that I was a liar? I hate liars…and I realized that I had been the biggest one I knew. Could I walk away from my friends? Could I walk away from my huge salary and promise of promotion?

That Sunday afternoon, I didn’t know. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. But I just couldn’t justify what I had seen. I knew I couldn’t rationalize my behavior, my life.

I was not willing to possibly spend an eternity in hell so that women could continue to take the lives of their children. No, I would no longer be an accomplice to this brutality. But where would I go? Would these pro-lifers really accept me? know what their reaction would be, but I knew I had to take that chance.

I drove to the pro-lifers office. I spilled my guts. I admitted that yes, I had been wrong…so wrong.

And they forgave me. They didn’t start listing off the faults of my past. They didn’t make me grovel or give an apology. They just forgave.

I had never known love like that from a friend. And now I had it…from a woman that I had only met three weeks earlier…from a woman who I had cursed and yelled at…from a woman who had seen the very worst side of me. But here she was, offering me this gift of forgiveness.


Certainly, it was a gift that I didn’t deserve from her. But there it was, no strings attached. I often think about that moment and realize that is probably the closest thing to Christ’s forgiveness that I will ever experience here on earth.

Cornerstone Article

By Mandy Bush


As I have stood in front of Planned Parenthood, praying for mothers and the miracle that is life, I have had many opportunities to interact with others as they drive by.  Some go by with a thumbs up and a smile, while others will use a different finger and gesture.  There are even some who will  occasionally yell, "You don't even care about women!"  That statement could not be farther from the truth.  Those, including myself, who stand outside holding "No Thank You Planned Parenthood" signs are there because we care about women and their children;  we want to support both!  That is the key to this whole situation.

There was once a young woman who came out of Planned Parenthood and approached me. At first, she was very hostile; however, after we began talking, she told me her story and we started to bond. She opened up and shared that she had gone through two abortions in her life. What broke my heart was her admitting that if she had experienced one friend or family member to support her then she never would have gone through with the abortions.  She was just scared and alone.

Women in crisis need support. Luckily there are places and people who want to truly help. In our area, we have the Real Options Clinic, which provides free pregnancy confirmation and options education. They also offer Earn While You Learn pregnancy/newborn/toddler parenting classes.

In addition to the clinic, there is the Prepares Pregnancy and Parenting Support Ministry in our valley. They help families in crisis pregnancies and women who must raise children alone, offering support and care from the time of pregnancy till the child's fifth birthday.

However, we can all take responsibility to help those we know who are pregnant and struggling; we all can show support and, most importantly,  love.  Pope Francis said, " All of us must care for life; cherish life with tenderness and warmth.  Caring for life from the beginning to the end... what a simple thing, what a beautiful thing.  Go forth and don't be discouraged. Care for life. It's worth it!"

A mother and her child's heart beating together in a harmonious rhythm is an image we should be able to agree is worth caring about and fighting for.

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